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Systems Change: Land & Food Justice

Find out how Green Party policies work to reduce the impacts of land use, while enhancing social and environmental...

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Ecotricity explains: carbon neutrality

Climate scientists agree that the world must be carbon neutral by the middle of this century, for us to...

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Nature and the Economy: Who Speaks for the Trees?

Caroline Lucas, Kate Raworth and Richard Benwell explain why we need the Government to prioritise a Wellbeing Economy.

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Natalie Bennett: A complete system change is needed to save our planet

Natalie Bennett wrote in Politics Home that ‘You can’t fix broken food, energy, or economic systems – let alone...

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The government’s pledge to resettle Afghan refugees is “empty PR”

The Green Party criticised the government for not doing enough after it promised to resettle up to 20,000 Afghan...

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Caroline Lucas: pledges on climate change must be turned into action

In the wake of the IPCC report being released, Caroline Lucas warned that delay is not an option, we...

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