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The PM has undermined democracy

The Prime Minister intersperses lies freely with the truth, and because of this, our democracy is undermined.

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Wales Elections: Greens in Senedd hold politicians to account

Anthony Slaughter told ITV News Wales that a Green in the Senedd is vital to hold politicians to account,...

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Renters’ rights, young people and keeping London safe

Sian Berry, our Green candidate for London Mayor, spoke of her plans for renters, young people and keeping London...

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A new transport policy for Hartlepool

Rachel Featherstone is a Green candidate for Hartlepool’s 2021 By-Election. Here, she presents her policy for transport, designed to...

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Green candidate and student Harry Gorman

Harry Gorman is a 20-year-old student and a Green candidate for Prenton, Birkenhead. He will be contesting a Labour...

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Caroline Lucas: endless pursuit of economic growth is destroying our planet

As Greens, we know that using GDP as an indicator for growth is perpetuating a system that puts profit...

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